A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You're following the story of a runt prehistoric crocodile (deinosuchus), Sam, and go through their everyday life at a university filled with not-so-ordinary specimens: dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Engage in a world where Sam gets to deal with them, as well as their personal encounters with the university's biggest personalities, and develop relationships with each of these peculiar characters. Will Sam's year end in love, or in strife?

Content Warning: The game is entirely SFW (no nudity) but contains mature themes.

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PrehistoricRelations-1.5.0-public-pc.zip 94 MB
Version 1.5.0-public 67 days ago
PrehistoricRelations-1.5.0-public-mac.zip 79 MB
Version 1.5.0-public 67 days ago
PrehistoricRelations-1.5.0-public.apk 97 MB
Version 1.5.0-public 67 days ago

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Are we eventually gonna have a chance to start an actual relationship (date) with a chosen character or is this current (comedy gold) gonna be the whole scene around "love"?  I'd love to go on an actual date with "my future husband" though the pizza place was a great start

I love how the main menu fills up with characters you meet! It's such an amazing add to this game. 10/10, cute, humorous and I cannot wait for more of it.


This game is really adorable. Please keep this up, it's just such a feel-good VN and I want to see where this goes.

I'm on Team Hot Barista. He's such a lovable troll.

I cant do the essay minigame, doesnt work ): 

What device are you on? We tested all the ones the game is released on but I can double check for yours

Windows 10. First  time I did it in perfect or something, so when I tried again i started spamming the keys, but it started apearing the config things, fullscreen, etc. Even i tried to close the game and opening again, but the problem is still there. But dont worry, I already did it without touching the config keybinds!

Is there a way to date the saber toothed tiger whatever tf his name is

can we just start dating sharky boi already?


Reject Amicus
Embrace Temoc supremacy

I dont play VNs but I had a really good time playing this, very funny too haha


alguém aqui sabe quando chegará a próxima atualização 


Hi, how soon will the update be ready?

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is Roane gonna be a route or at least a recurrent char?  he is really cute and cool and would be nice to know him better

Eu queria saber se o autor do jogo tem outras redes sociais

Quando chegará a próxima atualização 🙏

question, at the menu screen... what happened to that other fella the bigger one? is not a dateable character anymore?

NVM it was  bug on a PH selection when you play the game at linux


When will chapter 5 be available for public

Very very soon


Can I date the triceratops? its so handsome!!


dude i can't remember the last time a visual novel has made me as happy as when i discovered i was playing as a crocodile. i fucking lobve crocodiles


Parabéns para o criador do jogo está incrível.  agora o jogo está português para mim ficou muito melhor 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🇧🇷


Cute and really funny game, I loved the references and how some characters were named

This game goes straight in the "fluffy/heartwarming VN" category alongside The Human Heart

All the dateable characters are loveable, slight preference for Tyson but Tafu is adorable too


Hey ! i'm really liking the story so far ! but i really hope i can date Tafu or somethin' when the game  is fully finished. He's so Cute !!!! x3

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Stop for the love of all that is adorable stop!  I just played the first build and there's so many handsome and cute characters my brain is gonna explode cuz it can't decide who is the best.  They're all so good looking I might just pass out if I keep meeting more LoL (even Vince's buddy is hot)


I had a lot of fun and laughs playing Prehistoric Relations and I really can't wait to see the end of it!

Thank you for making a video ! Glad you enjoyed it 

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bug -  SO when a character speaks (i think this only happens to temoc) but when they speak and i press the Middle mouse button (making the text disappear) they continue talking and not stopping

The middle mouse button hides the UI so you can just look at character and background sprites without anything in the way. So, if you hit the middle mouse button as a character is talking, then they will continue to talk (at least until they reach the end of that dialogue box). That much is intended behavior, same thing happens if you press "h" to hide the UI actually!


Bro, when temoc speaks all i can hear is "woof woof woof woof woof woof" when i look at him

yo another question, can we date that green big dino? or are we able to date all of the characthers here?

uh no lol but there will are 6 dateable characters, but I'm gonna let the game itself tell which

 thats alot, cant wait for the next update tho


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So far, this VN is amazing! It's adorable, charming, a little cringy at times (in a good way), and just incredible as heck. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT for more to come out! I need more of my big, strong, soft 'Don.

Though I did encounter a bug. When I enable the rollback swipe, it will go back one when I tap.

Where update boi!


Working on it! It seems like this one will be the most work-intensive update we've had yet, and holidays kind of upended our schedules for a bit. But stay tuned for more news on our next update!



Ay! Thanks for the pronoun options! not many VNs do that, especially these kinds :D


I would like to know who are the datable characters

Hey, any idea why my device says it can't open the APK file?  I have an Android tablet

Have you tried turning on “install from unknown resources”?

It just says can't open file when I tap on it

Don't know exactly how to help since I don't know all the details of your device, but I'd try installing a different file explorer app that should prompt you to install the apk instead of opening it. 

And then make sure that install from unknown sources is on/allowed, and hopefully the game will install just fine after that! If not, maybe you can join the discord and we can give you more hands on help there.


Spoilers for the end of chapter two








I know we just met Brad but I really hope he turns out to be good and not just pretending to be nice to the MC to prank him later it would be nice if his route had the MC help him break ties with his toxic friends and embrace being himself.

This may be an odd question, but it might help me get in the mind of the MC. Is the MC supposed to understand Spanish? I understand all the Spanish in this VN, but I realized the MC may not, and it could be that I'm supposed to assume they don't.

MC in this VN doesn’t understand Spanish ^^;


Has potential, look forward to future releases :)


This game looks very interesting, i'm going to play it! :D


Ahh I wish I would have discovered this game after more chapters came out! 

I'm already attached to the Jock Character!


This is an amazing start, I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

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Not usually one to comment on a VN, heck i don't comment on any VNs at all but, this is just amazing!

I can definitely see this game become popular even if it's SFW and there's no problem about that!

The artstyle is very pleasing to look at and the story is well-written and enjoyable thus far.

You sir, are off to an amazing start! 


Looks super interesting! Cant wait to see where this project goes :D



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